The Importance of Win Goals in Money Management

The Importance of Win Goals in Money Management As soon as I said the word win I got your attention. All of a sudden the focus is not on my messages of cutting losses, but the all-powerful word: win! Well you aint gonna like the percentage, so rather than risk losing a majority of the readers, let us explain exactly what a win goal really is on slot online terpercaya.  When you go up to a table with your session money, it is absolutely essential that you set a goal as to how much you wanna win at that session. I know you wanna break the bank or at least double your money and I agree with you 100 percent.

I also wanna double and quadruple my stake but have come to realize that what I want and what I’ll probably get is worlds apart. But you gotta set that win goal, to at least have a point in your play to shoot for. In a couple of upcoming articles you will find a move called guarantee and excess,which will allow you to get to your goal and not, repeat – not, leave the table. In fact, the guarantee and excess part of your play will allow you to shoot for the triple figure returns that you yearn for. But to reach that stage, you must first pay your dues by setting an intelligent and firm win goal. Youre already aware that the professional gambler is content with a 10 percent return, but let me qualify that statement by pointing out that a pro will bring more money to the table.

That means simply that measured vs. the casual player, the pro has a longer session amount, for instance $1,000, as compared to $200 for the occasional player. That should not be used as reason to let the occasional player get away with different rules and restrictions on his goals. If winning was so easy, why wouldn’t the pro set a goal of 40 percent or 50 percent a session? He surely has the cash and the knowledge to stay alive. The reason he doesn’t set those amounts is that he knows how rough it is to win those higher figures consistently. So if I say that your win goal should be 20 percent of your session amount, that means 20 percent regardless of the buy in. That means a goal of $200 for the $1,000 player and $40 for the $200 player.

You wanna win more? Then bring more. But I’m putting you right on the same plane of 20 percent as the pro, so you can see that the rules apply to everyone. Again, you are not gonna leave the table when this goal is reached, and that will be explained shortly, but at least you have your goal down pat. Copyright © 2001 by John Patrick. Copyright has been reserved in all forms and it may not be distributed. It is partly presented with the express permission of the author. Any reproduction in whole or part by and individuals or organizations will be held liable for copyright infringement to the full extent of the law.

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