Silent Run Slot Game

Silent Run slot game overview: The silent run slot game is the most popular online slot game. It provides more cash rewards with less betting amount. The gameplay environment takes the player back to World War II. After logging into asianbandar, the player needs to hunt the enemy ships by using submarines. The player will be enthralled to be part of the submarine battle crew.

The excellent animation, graphics, and authentic 3D provide an amazing gameplay experience for the players. The gameplay environment is very easy. The player was offered various bonuses, wild symbol, and scatter symbols for completing the winning combinations. The game lets the player search the enemy ship and blast them using the submarines. 

The echoes and radar is used for searching the enemy ships in the battlefield. The game features the Pacific Ocean as the battleground. Theme of silent run slot game: The theme of the silent run slot game based on the World War II. The player is the part of submarine crew battle fighting their enemies in the Pacific Ocean. The game has a different theme. The gold logo and red logo offered with five-star pointers. 

The reel and pay line surrounded by the water. The player uses the submarines under the sea to find and destroy their enemy ships. The reel is loaded with various symbols like guns, depth charges, sonar, torpedoes, mines, and the wild symbols. The reel also loaded with the metal theme as 10, K, Q, J and A symbols. The additional icon in the playing screen provides instant bonus and a lifeline to the players. The sounds and flash symbol alert the player when the free spin activated. Bonus and symbols in silent run slot game: The wild symbol present on the screen can use as an alternative to any symbols. 

The echo and echo wild bonus not applicable for the wild symbols. The wild symbol helps the player to complete the winning combination in the Pay table. The Echo wild symbol offers the Cho wild features that help the player for finding the enemy ships. The symbol will appear on the reel 3 while playing the game. The symbol propels three sonar signals to find the ship. The Echo bonus also appears on the screen gets activated on the reel 3. 

The bonus helps the player to find the hidden torpedoes. The bonus usually finds 2 to 5 torpedoes at a time. The torpedoes determine the winning probability of the player. Defeating the enemy ship offers various instant bonuses to the players. The torpedo reveals the enemies premium ship. If you hit the ship you rewarded with more cash rewards. 

Features and betting options in silent run slot game: The wild symbol offers the echoes and sonar bonus. This helps the player for finding the ship. The sonar bean finds the torpedoes and it helps the player to defeat the enemy ships. The player can control the game plan by changing the coin value, bet level. The player can start and stop the reel using the button present on the screen. The player can set the betting value from $0.25 to $2.0 for a spin. The wild symbol multiplies the winning probability. Start paying silent runner slot game and win more cash prizes.

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