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Test Your Knowledge: A Guide to Quiztastic

Quiztastic, by Play Fish, is not really a game per se. Instead, it is a means by which to use Facebook to create, share, and take quizzes online. The game supports both personality quizzes and knowledge testing quizzes and allows players to share the results. This guide will help you create a quiz or find your favorite quizzes to test your knowledge.


Play Menu – When you choose the “Play” option from the starting screen, you are brought to a screen where you can choose a quiz to take. This screen shows you one featured quiz, the most recent 5 quizzes to be created, and the five top rated quizzes. It also provides an option for you to choose a random quiz or browse quizzes.


Browse –

The “Browse” menu shows you every quiz ever created. You can filter the menu by language and by category of the quiz. You can also order the menu by most popular (based on number of people who have taken the quiz), best rated, most recently created, and featured.

Taking a Quiz –

When you are taking a quiz, the quiz will give you a question and four possible answers. Depending on the quiz, you will have a 5 second, 15 second, or 60 second time limit to answer each question. You will be told if you are right or wrong immediately upon answering. Quiz questions may include pictures as part of the quiz. At all times, the quiz will display how many questions the quiz is comprised of and how many you have answered.

Results –

When you complete the quiz, you are given results with how many you answered correctly and how much time you took. Also, your results are compared to other people who have taken the quiz. If you scored well, your QI (Quiz Intelligence) rating will increase by one. If you scored poorly, it will decrease by one. Also, for completing a quiz, your reputation will increase by one.


Quiz Types –

You can create three different quiz types. You can create a knowledge quiz by choosing the “Quiz” option, a personality quiz by choosing the “Personality Quiz” option or a friend specific knowledge quiz by choosing the “Friend Quiz” option.

Name –

When you choose to create a quiz, you will be required to name your quiz. You are encouraged to choose a descriptive name and you may include a picture and a description with the name. Also, when you choose the name, you choose whether the quiz is available worldwide, to only your Facebook friends, or to only select friends.

Studio –

After you have chosen a name, you must choose a studio and host for your quiz. There are five options: Tony, Tina, Vince, Emma, and Mrs. Perkins. This will affect the visual display of your quiz but will not affect difficulty or content.

Questions –

Next you must enter the questions for your quiz. You are required to enter at least 5 questions and may enter many more. With each question, you may also include a picture. First you enter a question, then you enter four answers, and the first answer must be the correct answer. For personality quizzes, you need at least two answers and may have up to four and must indicate which result an answer indicates.

Settings –

After you have written your questions and answers, you must choose settings for your quiz. This is where you choose the time limit for each question, the quiz category, and the language of the quiz.

On Air –

This option lets you publish your quiz. You must agree to a standard user agreement before publication.

Results –

Personality quizzes have an additional step after “Studio” and before “Questions”. In this section, you must provide at least possible results and may provide more. These results will be the possible results indicated by the answers to your questions.

Pictures –

Many of the sections, including “Name”, “Results”, and “Questions” allow you to upload a picture. You can upload a picture directly from your computer or from your Facebook account.

Final Advice

Besides being a mild form of entertainment, this is not really a game but it’s a virtual copy of roulette online Indonesia which is known for the dice numbering and the categories of the particular game of them. You can compare the results of quizzes you have taken with friends and there are awards granted for taking or creating quizzes, but there is no direct competition and the awards have no mechanical effect. If you enjoy taking quizzes or writing and sharing quizzes, this is a good way to do so and you can use the interface to make or take quizzes specifically tailored to your Facebook friends.

Mass Effect 2 Has Bioware Done it Again?

Mass Effect 2 one of the most anticipated game of the year! This game is so awesome that many Xbox360 as well as PC players have been looking forward to it and it’s finally here now. Players who like to play basic and down to earth games are mostly found playing at QQ, a popular gaming platform. BioWare for those of you who are new to Mass Effect is the developer of the new game. As promised BioWare is still planning on releasing the last game of the series making it a trilogy? The new RPG shooter will have you hooked as soon as you start to play it! The Sci-Fi game keeps getting better and better and you won’t want to put down your controller let alone sleep once you get into the game.

The game of course takes off of its predecessor Mass Effect. Those of you new to the game let me break down the storyline. In the future were Earth has gone through a huge technological advance. Earth and everything else in the galaxy is threatened by machines known as “Reapers”. These machines plan to wipe out all life on other planets. This is when the main protagonist Commander Shepard has faced the Reapers once before and was successful. Now the threat is back again and Commander Shepard must again face the machine race to help save not only Earth but the whole galaxy. Shepard is assigned a mission that seems suicidal but Shepard has planned to recruit highly skilled soldiers from different races to all help accomplish the mission. BioWare definitely did a great job at crafting each of the characters. Allowing to have a team of different races and skills helping you out throughout the game can become very helpful and makes for a great game.

There are many great changes about the game my favorite is how you can import your game from Mass Effect and some of the things you did there will effect what goes on in Mass Effect 2. These changes allow you to import your character and decisions to the new game changing how the game opens up to you and things throughout the game that change. A few other things is there is no more long drawn out dialogue, you now select a option (normally a emotion) and then you have a cut scene of what you picked.

You may thing that managing a team of races would be difficult but BioWare made it streamlined making it easy to customize each one of the characters as you like. So why streamline this? Well in Mass Effect 2 all your different classes are back and with some changes. The changes have made each class more of its own. The different classes all take different skills to the table. When you level using the skill points to make your character stronger based on what you think is more important to your team. Once you get through the game you would have made so many changes that affect the game especially if you imported your character.

So why get the game? Well even if you didn’t play Mass Effect I would still recommend to get Mass Effect 2 for it’s an awesome game. Although if you are a veteran to the Mass Effect series you will enjoy the changes you will see by importing your character. I would honestly recommend buying Mass Effect (you can get it for like $20) so that way you can experience the changes you will go through when you import your character. Away from importing the game has a great Sci-Fi storyline not to mention that it’s a RPG shooter makes it even better. Another thing is on the Xbox 360 I have yet to run into a problem or glitch in the game since this seemed to be a problem with Xbox 360 players. Now you probably will ask so what makes the game awesome? Well having a team and destroying mechanical aliens sounds like fun to me but the combination of a shooter and tactical characters makes it fun as well.

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