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How to grab the Advertising Opportunities at CasinoMan.Net

CasinoMan.Net offers the following advertising on the website. See right hand column for banner locations diagram.

We offer the top banner next to the logo for sole purchase in periods of monthly intervals. This will enable you to place whatever banners you choose and rotate your own set of banners for a 1 month period.

This space is visible throughout the length of a visitors visit, and will rotate each time the visitor views another page on the CasinoMan.Net website.

Same description as above for Top Banner.

All advertising can be bought in advance to start at a future date, so you can pre-book dates to coincide with their own special promotions eg easter, xmas etc.

We apply the following restrictions to advertising:

  • No popup windows are to be associated with the banners

Here are the banner specification guidelines: 

Formats allowed: gif, jpg, flash rich media 

Flash Media filesize: 15k bytes

486×60 max filesize: 25k bytes

 120×600 max filesize: 30k byte

New, from September 2005, CasinoMan.Net will be auctioning banner spaces through our own banner auction system.

This will give give equal opportunities for everyone to purchase banner spaces on, at reasonable prices. While playing at the gambling site, the players ensure that the games from verified with 토토 사이site. The availability of the real and genuine games with the advertisement is there. It will increase in the engagement of the players with checking of the reviews. The rankings of the site will be good for delivering the opportunities.

To view these auctions, please follow this link. You will be required to register to bid for the spaces, and you will recieve email notifications during the auction to keep you informed of its progress.

Apon the end of an auction, you are bound by the final price to accept the banner contract terms as stated in the auction details.

Please note that we only accept banner placements from gambling related establishments. Any other bids on non-gambling related material will be rejected.

Payment can be made via Neteller or via direct bank transfer. The payment of winning auctions will be paid fully in advance of the campaign. If the winning bidder retracts their winning bid after the auction, the auction will be given to the 2nd highest bidder.

  • www.CasinoMan.Net reserves the right to remove any material which is deemed offensive or unsuitable for the advertising space.
  • Banners are acceptable in animated gif, standard gif, Macromedia Flash or jpeg formats only.
  • Implementation of the banner and code is the responsibility of www.CasinoMan.Net.
  • Tracking and tagging of the banner is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • www.CasinoMan.Net makes no guarantee on click through percentages or number of banner impressions.

Please have your payment and creatives ready to go once you are declared the winner of an auction. You will be required to send your banner creatives via email so that we can begin the campaign on the exact start date. Please note that if the delay occurs on the end of the purchaser, no additional days will be added at the end of the campaign.

Different themes at the slot machines for the beginners

CRAZY SLOTS is an online slot powered by Mazooma. It has a classic fruit theme and a very unique layout. This will take just seconds to launch once you have registered with the online casino that features it. Players are not required to install any software to launch this game.

Crazy Slots is a little confusing the very first time you play (especially for newbies), but it will only take five minutes to get used to. As soon as you have launched the game you will notice the pay table at the top and four different slots at the bottom, SLOT1, SLOT2, SLOT3 and SLOT4.

Each slot has three individual reels and once you have set your wager limit you can begin the craziness. 

The reels do not spin in this game. The idea is to fill up each different slot with randomly appearing symbols. A set of three symbols (one complete reel) will appear at the top of the screen, to the right of the paytable. Players must then decide which SLOT they want to put this reel in.

As soon as you have clicked on the slot, those three symbols will appear in the first reel of that slot (to the left hand side, reel 1) and another set of three symbols will automatically appear in their place (next to the paytable again). Once again you can choose where you want to put this, either slot 1, 2, 3 or 4. It’s actually easier than it sounds. The sound and visual effects at 더킹카지 are amazing for the engagement of the players. The use of the right symbol is done at the place to get the desired results. The selection of the game at the video fruit theme table with excellence to win more cash is made. 

You will notice that each time you do this you will be given a hint on where to place the next set of three symbols because certain symbols will flash on and off. You don’t have to take the hint, but they are simply pointing out the possible wins that could occur and it’s worth taking their advice unless you have a hunch about some other win that could appear.

The idea is to fill all of the reels with the symbols until all four slots are completely full . Lucky players will be able to win on all four of the slots. To start a new game again, you must hit spin and begin the ‘filling up’ and ‘strategically placing’ process again. 

The symbols include Cherries, Oranges, Lemons, Plums, Strawberries, Watermelons, Red Stars, Blue Sevens, Bells and the Crazy Slots Logo. Placing a bet on this slot can range from anywhere between 0.01 and 100.00 coins. 

This game will be like Marmite for a lot of players because you are actually required to use a bit of brain power in this one. It will take a bit of getting used to but there are plenty of prizes to play for, and don’t expect to find any bonus rounds here. However, this slot does make for a refreshing change and is rather original.

Bad way to bluff – Check them to play at online website

Ive heard it said, if you are not caught bluffing, then you are not bluffing enough. There may be some truth to that statement, but it does not stand up if getting caught­ means you too often lose your table stake, your entire Bandar Bola bankroll or are regularly amongst the first few out of a tournament. So, there is more to this bluffing thing than meets the eye.

Some aspects of a poker bluff are covered in the pages, Bluff club (an overview), Semi bluff (semi bluff, continuation betting and positional betting) and Bluffing in a dead pot (why it is often wrong), which you may also find useful. 

 When a promising starting hand losses strength on the flop, turn or river, there may still be an opportunity to bluff and make a profit. Recognising the better bluff situations as well as the opponents who are inclined to believe your bluff, will benefit you in the long term; a good bluff will be rewarding, a bad bluff will often be expensive.

The selection of the right technique is important to have the advantages at the poker table. The identification of different methods is there to enhance the playing experience. The understanding of the basic is necessary to have the benefits at the poker table. 

 Bluffing the wrong player

There are a number of circumstances where bluffing is correct, but all occasions depend upon the player you are trying to bluff.

  • Number one rule:

You should recognise a good player before you try to bluff them. Attempting to steal the pot from a player who does not understand what hand you are representing with your bluff will be a bad bluff. Their may be several reasons for a player being blind to your betting.

  • Novices

while you may hoodwink one novice into believing a bluff, you may not be so fortunate against another. Be choosey.

  • Poor players

an unskilled player may not understand what you are trying to tell them with your bluff and are liable to call any amount, with anything.

  • On tilt

a player who has gone on tilt (say following a hit to a previously healthy stack) may make a marginal call out of frustration.

  • Maniacs

maniacs will call any bet – every time. They will have made themselves obvious to the table very early.

  •  Bad bluff situations

There will be many boards that you can bluff on and players that you can take advantage of. Temper your aggression by recognising situations that may turn (or have turned) sour. The following examples are not comprehensive; there are just too many ways a player can shoot themselves in the foot.

  • Versus the big stack

if you are short stacked on the button and the big stack is the big blind, think long and hard if trying to steal their blinds with a bluff when they can easily afford to call.

  • Versus the short stack

push them as hard as you like as often as you like, but be aware that their circumstance may require them to make a call with a marginal hand.

  • Versus a calling station

if you have recognised a player as a Ďcalling stationí think carefully when they start betting.

  • Versus tight players

if you have recognised a tight player think carefully after they have shown strength.

  • Bluffing when the pot has outgrown bluff territory

it is generally a mistake to bluff or continue bluffing when the pot has outgrown bluff territory. People do not make a habit of investing their chips without good reason. Always consider why so many chips are going into the pot.

  • Bluffing too often

you can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you canít fool all the people all the time.

  • Bluffing without position

from an early or middle seat position be wary of making too many bluffs that may get called or raised. Instead, understand and use ‘position’ when it is your turn.

  • Your one bluff of the hour

bluffing after you have genuinely won several hands in a short time may not work out. If you win three consecutive hands without bluffing, then on the fourth, raise with another good one and miss the flop, a bluff is less likely to work out because others will be thinking you canít always have it (and why would you want to bluff; didnít you earn enough from the previous three hands).

  • Big bluffs at little pots

regular bluffs and semi-bluffs at small pots can bring a positive return, but the frequency and the size of the bet should be measured. There is no sense in consistently bluffing 500 chips into a 30 chip pot.

  • Slow-playing when you should be check raising

slow-playing and check raising are both bluffs (albeit, initially bluffing that you donít have a hand when you do). Problems arise when you donít understand the difference in the two plays and so slow-play a hand you should check raise with; link Don’t beat yourself up if one or two bluffs go badly, so long as you had considered all aspects before making the play, you can learn from the result. Not all bluffs that get called are bad bluffs; sometimes the caller was wrong, ambitious or brave when making the call, other times they may have had a good read on you or be simply holding the nuts.

Poker game`s precise instructions – How it is beneficial?

The textual corpus bellow about the topic of poker games is about to furnish informative illustrations and also opposite example cases, so that you can know every part of the diverse perspectives the matter of poker games has to offer. On line pokergames is a card game, first and foremost a betting or otherwise gambling game, and is the most prevalent of the category of what is named “vying games”. Participants play by means of either entirely or otherwise partly concealed playing cards as well as contribute bets with currency or online internetpoker tokens that are laid in a shared jackpot. The jackpot is eventually given to the bettor ( or otherwise bettors) having the highest “hand” or otherwise arrangement of cards of the greatest strength.

 Explorers haven`t been able to find out the origin of internetpoker on the pc, but believe that it developed in Asia, maybe in China approximately 1,100 years ago, in a gambling game referring to web pokergames-like ranks, although executed by domino plates.

While cards play came to Europe from the East about 600 to 700 years ago – originally recorded in Spain, spreading to Italy and after that to the other countries of Europe – it`s a French gambling game named poque which for the first time invented the suits of cards we commonly apply nowadays: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and likewise Clubs. In this same era, Germany presented suits that were entitled hearts, acorns, bells and likewise leaves, as in Italy they were known as swords, cups, batons as well as coins. For the placing of the stakes at MahirQQ poker site, the instructions are followed to play the card games. The popularity of the card games in increasing with the online availability. The wagering of the amount can be done from the home with comfort and convenience. 

 Cards gambling games, and likewise versions of primitive pc onlinepoker, were executed by means of decks of 20, 25 and additional figures. Nonetheless, the normal pack of fifty-two playing cards of current era, split in 4 suits, listed from 1 (or otherwise Ace) to 10, as well as incorporating the Jack, Queen as well as King, comes from a box of 78 cards invented in France back in the 16th century.

Many players assume that the face cards in a pack of playing cards were based upon actual persons, as this example for the Kings:

  • King of Spades – King David of Judea. 
  • King of Clubs – Alexander the Macedonian.
  • King of Hearts – King Charlemagne of the Franks. 
  • King of Diamonds – Emperor Julius Caesar.

 Even though, this is said to be an urban legend, because there have been various dissimilarities concerning the people pictured in the role of Jacks, Queens or Kings at cards, in several countries, throughout the past.

Getting back to the name poque, it is considered to have developed out of a German card betting game labelled pochen, but there is likewise literature that states that poque could have evolved out of the British word “poke”, which means a handbag, sack, wallet or purse, carried in order to preserve money (one could imagine the “poke” as the jackpot in internetpoker).

 But than, even though the titles of pochen and poque sound close to internetpoker, a gambling game entitled Primero, which was invented about 600 years before either at Italy or Spain, is the game which is vastly recognized as the actual forerunner of the modern game of web pokergames.

 Around four hundred years before, Persians were executing a onlinepoker virtualgame-like card betting game known as As Nas, which included turns of gambling as well as would be won by the strongest arrangement or order of cards in accordance with fixed denominations or strengths. Afterwards, the game of As Nas was seemingly carried to North America by Persian traders who explained it to French settlers in New Orleans. Fascinatingly, it is believed to have travelled to the remainder of North America by the Mississippi ferries, on which wagering used to be a common activity.

 Lots of expressions or words invented in virtual pokergame are heard within conversations every day – frequently spoken by individuals who have not even once performed the gambling game. 

There are lots of versions of poker, of which the most popular today is Texas hold`em, currently entertaining an extraordinary fame worldwide. It is believed that pokergame on the net is used by more than 50 million individuals in USA only. Many individuals entertain the gambling game at their house for minor wagers along with associates, part of them dare to go to pc onlinepoker boards in live gambling rooms, as innumerable others wager on the over two hundred Web servers.

The cyberpoker endeavour has become multi-million dollar industry as those poker sites take a tiny share called “the rake” out of the pot, for offering the service of connecting bettors together on the net. 

The fame of internetpoker game on line has also arrived to television; few days of a week you can entertain previously recorded live sessions done within tournaments established by such groups like the World Series of Poker (WSOP), World Poker Tour (WPT), European Poker Tour (EPT), the International Poker Federation (IPF), as well as more.

Precise instructions for poker websites

This poker site newsletter aims to get you to the next level and show you what this amazing subject has to present. Pc online poker considered a well-liked and also broadly known card game. With difference to most casino card games, it is a game where players play against one another, not against the house. The thing that sets net poker online and players who play it way apart of different casino games are the aspects of expertise and besides psychology, that are necessary for high-quality poker players in the online gaming room. When you are going to play computer online poker, have confidence in yourself. Think for yourself. Don`t worry whether your play may be breaking casino internetpoker text rules. A victorious internetpoker player`s weapon includes common card game knowledge together with variable opinion abilities. Nonvictorious webpoker contestants don`t think by themselves or otherwise simply don`t think at all. Skill in computerpoker is created for a few elements.

Expertise like deciding the strength of your hand and that of your opponents, building up a pot, deciding which game cards to play, deciding at what time to raise call, and also deciding when to fold and besides when to bluff, simply to bring up a few. The component of psychology is equally as important as that of skill. Each online pokercasino site player brings along their emotions and also their baggage to a card game the capability to speculate the additional components` strengths and also their weak points is necessary to have the upper hand. Keep in mind, an excellent onlinepoker player can gain victory in a card game with a lesser hand, should they have the psychological skill to out-bluff the other contestants! The winning possibility during a pokergame on the net is the same as losing. Luck has its position involved in this pastime, but the speculation, mathematics, money, or body language is not less important within this pastime. Though, many contestants within the online gaming room don`t understand this and are positive that the major aspect.

During online pokergames, it isn`t simply what`s held in your hand that counts, but as well as what people imagine is in your hand. Should you bet like you`ve higher cards than you have this is named bluffing, yet the real skill is to recognize at what time to bluff. A participant that by no means bluffs can`t hope to win the same amount of money like a player which bluffs with the right frequency, the majority of regular players tend to bluff too much in an online casinopoker website. 

 Within the forward to this poker site article, we saw how this topic could be helpful to any person. We will carry on by going over the foundations of this topic. The most significant tells in internetpoker swing in the vicinity of gambling speed. The easiest ones to pick up are the “dramatic silence” tells. A long silence followed by a gamble commonly states the onlinepoker player is good and needs you to believe he is weak. A long break before a test regularly identifies a vulnerable combination. This player either wants you to check so he could get a free card or needs you to reason he has a good enough hand to “think” about betting. You will rarely get check-raised by a player who took a long time to check, it is not a usual betting manner.

When check-raising the majority of performers want everything to look as ordinary as attainable to help ensure you would put in a wager earlier than they shut the entrapment. If you encounter a check-raise from a player who rested a lot ahead of the first check, be extremely prudent. Don`t be excessively emotional at the pc onlinepoker table. Bad beats would occur. internet card room losing games will happen. Maddening adversaries might happen. Live with it and don`t let your emotions influence your line of thought on the board. Within pokergames on the net, you ought to be very reluctant to gamble a partially good deal into an unchanging pokercasino room bluffer. You would frequently make more cash checking plus calling. In internetpoker, we cannot highlight sufficiently the importance of maintaining a poker expression at the time of gambling at an online pokergame website, as well as not giving away any clues of how good or bad your combination is. The main purpose of the tournament is to ascertain that they have NO clues, in addition to the bets you do. 

 While we study we upgrade ourselves. In other words, the knowledge you`ve acquired from reading this poker site text has by now advanced you more than you think. With a bit of luck, the textual item above has assisted you to become aware of what the notion of the poker site is about and also in what manner it can be of service to you in the future.


The instructions followed for poker websites are more valid and efficient such that it ensures the availability of the proficiency in playing pokers. The awareness about such sites gives a helping hand for many people. The advancement acquired by the text would be ensured while getting into Dominoqq. The precise information shared above could lend a great deed in your future.

Play Poker Online – How it can be useful?

because it is simply a very popular way for them to make lots of money online. And they also do it for fun right in the comfort of their homes.

And in your case, if you want a little excitement in the coziness of your room and earn money at the same time, you can always learn how to play poker online. At home, the benefit of promotional code for William Hill can be taken. Understanding of the basics is necessary to play the card games to increase the bank account. The earning of money is great to meet with the specifications of the players.

The rules when it comes to betting and the winning card hands order will always be the same whether playing poker with a virtual table online, or with a real table itself. The strategies that you consider while playing on an online table will differ though than the real poker table at the casinos. The most obvious of the differences is that you will not be able to see the online players, especially their facial expressions, which is a critical factor in the game.

Follow these simple instructions below so you will be able to play poker like a pro.

  1. First thing’s first, open your own account. You cannot play poker online if you don’t have one. There are lots of poker sites in the internet to choose from. Research them first. It’s important to get to know these sites so you can select the best.
  2. While at it, get to know also the rules and policies of these sites before finally opening an account. There are some companies that have convenient procedures in making withdrawals, and these should be in you list. Having good options for withdrawing money is an important factor if ever you play poker online.
  3. Prepare your initial deposit. Most of the poker websites usually ask for an initial deposit before you can start to play for them, ranging from $25 to $200 depending on the poker site.
  4. Take time to visit poker strategy guides online. There are sites in the internet where you can always access to learn the rules of the game. Different strategies will be revealed to you that are very useful when it comes to both “free” and “pay” online poker games. You can also check out online poker schools. Some of these websites host different informative lessons for poker beginners as well as for the pros. There is even a poker etiquette lesson intended for chat rooms.

Aside from learning the strategies online, why not take the opportunity to learn the game itself and how it is played online. There is a lot of software that offer free account set up.

You can start as you log into your account with your initial deposit. You will be given choices with different tables and different options. There are some tables that have significantly higher blinds than the others. Now that everything is already set, you can play poker online and win big money just right inside the comfort of your home. And don’t forget to have fun while at it. Your online poker game will not be complete without it. So are you ready to play poker online?

  • How to Play Poker and Win Big

Acropolis Casino Free Deposit Bonus Code and Site Review

If you want to talk about a class act casino, then Acropolis is one that comes to mind. This fabulous casino is with the Stanley Leisure group, a trusted name in gaming for over 50 years. What they’ve brought to the table is an awesome casino with many exciting playing options and well thought out software. Impressive yes. Fun you bet! The software is a dream to download, and runs like perfectly. From the lobby (with its groovy soundtrack and lovely graphics) you can easily view the game offerings, as well as a screen shot of the individual table/machine. Very nicely done and easy to navigate.

The game selections are spectacular and they have really thought of everything. You’ll find endless card games to choose from like Sic Bo, Casino War, Caribbean Poker, etc. or feel free to try your luck at over 30 different Slots! Acropolis may have slightly slow customer service issues, but overall its a luxurious feeling casino with something for everyone. They dont make them much finer than this! Click Here To Play Now! If one could give extra credit for incentives and promotions, Acropolis would have the gold star! They really have put some effort in this area, which is so necessary considering the level of competition out there. Want an enticing deposit bonus? They’e got a 200 (your choice of currency) initial sign-on bonus, a follow up monthly deposit bonus and a third bonus just for funding your account by using NETeller! Players rewards? Covered with a comp program AND a VIP scheme! They’e also included a great refer-a-friend program where you’ll earn cash based on their deposits, and last but certainly not least FREE cash and gifts just for playing! Every day they give outGrecian Gifts (dvd players, flowers, etc.) andAcropolis Coins(20 in FREE cash!) to lucky players who are simply in the right place at the right time. At this time they dont seem to offer tournaments, so you’ll have to get your competitive excitement somewhere else but still a fantastic showing! Click Here To Play Now! Unfortunately theres limited live chat customer support (which I applaud for becoming increasingly popular hopefully soon all casinos will have it in place) but the phone support is fast and helpful, while email can take around 5-8 hours. Not that great if you have a burning question, but alas, this is almost industry standard.

If you are lucky, a live chat operator will be available when you need them€ indicated by a online support and mouse graphic in the lobby or cashier€s area. Customer Support can be reached by phone (TOLL FREE!) or email at: Click Here To Play Now! Acropolis has an amazing selection to choose from, offering something for all players! You’ll find tons of slots (with over 30 different varieties and 8 progressives), numerous cards games (like Casino War, Pai Gow Poker, and Sic Bo along with your casino favourites like Blackjack and Poker) and many fun surprises like Derby Day, Mega Ball (progressive), and Poker Three. If its something you want to play, Im sure they have it! The interface on these games are the absolute best, from the stunning graphics (really some of the best Ive seen) to the realistic sounds. One look at the lobby and you’ll realize youre dealing with a first class establishment. You’ll find navigating the casino very easy and the controls to be completely user friendly. They even have chat so that you can meet other high class rollers like yourself! Click Here To Play Now! If you are a true Blackjack fan then Acropolis is practically made just for you.

Not only do they offer fantastic realistic graphics and sounds, but youll have your choice of 4 different versions of this casino classic including Regular, Switch, Surrender and even Single Deck. Simply the best place to play 21, especially considering payouts of 99.53%! Click Here To Play Now! Click Here To Play Now! Ive never seen such a fantastic selection of Roulette, with offerings of 3 different versions! Play American, European or French all with payouts of over 97% (which is superb!). The interface on this game is so amazing, that you will want to reach out and touch the wheel in motion but keep your hands to yourself and use them instead to easily place bets on your birth date, age, or whatever that special lucky number is for you. (13 black?) Click Here To Play Now! Man do I love Slots especially when a casino provides me a nice selection and some great graphics and sounds.

Luckily I found Acropolis! With over 30 machines covering all my favourites (not to mention a few surprises like Tres Amigos, Golden Tour and Triple Profits) offering coin limits in denominations to suit every betting taste, and a payout of over 97% this casino does not disappoint! Click Here To Play Now! We all dream of the big payoff and your dreams could come true at Acropolis! They certainly offer you enough chances (8 different Progressive Slots and also Progressive MegaBall, MegaJacks or Caribbean Poker) with supremely juicy jackpots from a few hundred pounds to over half a MILLION! Very tempting and with a payout of 98% Id say your chances are very, very good at getting some of that action. Click Here To Play Now! Video Poker is fast becoming one of the hottest games to play, and Acropolis has got the right idea by offering a large selection to choose from (over 12 versions including 10 Line Jacks or Better and the ever-popular Joker Poker to name a few). Play to win, then double your winnings (or half of your winnings) each round. Youll never have a dull moment here, especially with payouts of over 99.5%! Click Here To Play Now! The cashiers at Acropolis make it very easy to not only fund your account, but to also withdraw funds. Here a chart of their payment and withdrawal options, as well as some Terms and Conditions you should be aware of. Good luck!

Payment options:

Acropolis Casinos offer several methods of paying cashouts. The fastest and most convenient method is to credit your NETelller account. Other withdrawal methods include: Wire Transfer (direct bank account transfer) and Bank Draft (cashier’s check). Please note that due to new Visa and Master Card regulation, we can no longer issue credits against previous MasterCard and Visa deposits. When you submit a withdrawal request, its status is labeled as “waiting”, which means that your request has been accepted and that we are processing it. All withdrawal requests are processed within four (4) business days after the date of the request. During this time you can cancel your withdrawal request and return these funds into your casino account.

Rest assured that the money transferred to the casino account will remain as it is until you choose to withdraw it whenever you want as it would come in handy while going for a big Judi Online game where you can go for the whole hog and play the best bet of a lifetime as it would be useful in the future games to come.

Due to MasterCard’s and Visa’s regulations we may not be permitted to return funds to your MasterCard or Visa Credit Cards. Whenever possible we will do so, however the full amount may not be paid back to your card. The remaining balance will be returned via Wire Transfer or Bank Draft (whichever is more convenient for you), or via Neteller if you have used it in the past.

Online video poker. Instinctive paranoia

I’m feeling a little peaky, not to say crabby and ornery. Had a bad run with the cards and lost a few dollars — got my pride wacked outa shape. Thought about playing video poker for a change of scenery, but ended up walking past the slot machines into the bar. So here’s me sitting here nursing a consolatory screwdriver and my quiet time’s disturbed by the young fellah who seems to think I owe him another piece. He’s got no cause to beef with me. And it’s not like he’s anteing up so much cash he gets any rights to bid me what to do. He’s like a piker — stingy bettor with a big mouth. Not worth the time of day, most days.

But, after the third screwdriver, he did get me to thinking. When I lost the third pot in a row to river cards against the odds, I confess to thinking I was caught in a skin game. Just a moment of anger. Ain’t no-one with the cojones to try anything against me for real — not with my connections. But there’s lots of folk get it into their heads that online video poker sites are cheating them. So I s’pose I’d better say a few words of reassurance — not that it’ll actually boost your confidence. The truth ain’t designed to do that. With a registration at Judi Bola site, the confidence of the players will boost to meet with the expected results. There should be reassurance of the features provided to the players at the poker room table. The selection of the right room should be there for the implementation of the tricks and tips. 

So, let me sit you down in front of a video poker machine playing Jacks or Better on a pay table that’s offering 9-6-250 like online at For those who’ve not boned up on the jargon, that’s a machine paying 250 per coin on a Royal Flush, 9 on a Full House and 6 on a Flush. That machine’s set up to pay back only a fraction over 98% of what it takes. Even if you play a perfect strategy on this machine, the theoretical return never gets above 100%. It bears saying again. No matter which lucky rabbit’s foot you got in your pants, the very best you can hope to do is to almost break even.

’Cause most folk can’t play the perfect strategy, the House edge on every video poker machine keeps the funds rolling in. That’s why you gotta pass the carousels of slot machines before you get to the tables. They’re the bread-an-butter earners for every casino.

If I stopped there, there’s no sense in any casino cheating on the slot machines. But there’s no denying you’re right ’bout one thing. Greed’s the worm in the gambling apple. Don’t matter which side of the fence you’re on, there’s always some as thinks they’re gonna hit it big. So I’ve seen pit bosses and managers decide the Vig’s not enough and rig the games. I’ve seen a few do it to put the money in their own pockets — most of them got decent burials, too. Yeh, there’s some cheating going on, but most of it’s on your side and it’s not very subtle.

So why do some folk get so all-fired sure they’ve been cheated by slot machines? In a word: frustration. They were hot, certain their luck was in, but had a long bad session. That always makes the loss harder to bear — when your emotion gets in the way of your judgement. Gambling’s got streaks of luck both ways. On one hot August night in 1913, the roulette wheel in Monte Carlo came up black a record-breaking twenty-six times in a row. The House took millions of extra profit. Half the room got to playing the Martingdale System. They were doubling their bets after every loss. But they tapped out of money before the streak ended. Was there anything wrong with the wheel? Nope! The math god smiled and it was true.

Just ’cause you come up empty on one or two sessions don’t mean nothing ’cept your wins and losses’re averaging out over time. To make any kinda case against the casino, you’d need evidence. How you gonna that that evidence? Well, you gotta test their slot machines. Pick one of their video poker games. Say before you start how many times you’re gonna play and what you hafta see to prove the machine’s rigged. S’pose you think a video poker game don’t have all the faces in the deck — you’ve to track the frequency of the faces as they show in the count of all non-face cards. Tracking how many hands you played and how many you won or lost ain’t no proof at all. You need a test that’s statistically significant to prove cheating. So how many thousand hands of data you gonna pay to collect to test your hypothesis? It’s put up or shut up. No-one likes a sore loser unless they got the evidence to prove otherwise.

One last thought before the thinking’s done: some of you load up your own software to run alongside video poker machines — kinda like a coach. Me, I don’t have no problem with that, but some online casinos’re uploading Dynamic Link Library subroutines to identify the applications you’re running at the same time as the casino package. They might not like some of the things they find — not within the spirit of the game from their point of view. Remember the old Chinese saying, “Big fish eat small fish.”

Bankroll Challenge – What you need to know about it?

Brokerstar is going to show you how to grind up a tiny initial bankroll or small deposit into a healthy chunk of change. Everything you’ll need to know will be here for you guys to replicate.

As you probably already know we are giving away free money on several major poker sites. The deposit you get is only small so you need a solid plan in order to build it up.

Brokerstar is making a this is how we roll bankroll building series. Be sure to check it out for a first hand demonstration of how to crush the games with your free poker bankroll

This is probably the single most important lesson in poker. Don’t worry about how you play AK suited to a raise from early position (we’ll cover that) as without good bankroll management, you’ll simply go broke sooner or later with the variance in the game.

In the rest of this article we are going to talk about the two major routes you can take in order to turn your small, free deposit into a nice pot of gold. We’ll talk about cash games vs sit and go tournaments and different bankroll strategies you can employ in each depending on how risk adverse you are.

Each of these styles differ in terms of game play, strategy needed to beat them and the swings in variance that you’ll encounter.

For many of the big online poker pros, the single table tournament (SNG) has long been the route that most used to start building their bankrolls.

We’re going to focus on heads up sit and go games. At the low stakes, there are plenty of games running all of the time and the standard of play is pretty poor. Even with a plethora of fish for you to feast on, there will still be variance in these games which is why bankroll management is vital to lessen the chances of going broke.

Good HUSNG players can maintain an ROI (return on investment) of 10% or better, especially at the lowest stakes. Brokerstar will be playing these games from scratch having to grind his way up as a new player would and will be recording a lot of his games for you to watch and learn from.

This is the beginning of a long grind but one that you’ll always feel comfortable in. You’re going to only move up in stakes when you have 50 buy ins. The chances of going on a 50 buy in down swing due to variance are pretty low so this is a solid and safe strategy. Some chances are taken through the players to increase the bankroll with real cash. The creation of the strategy should be made after following the link.  The beginners are guided about the basics for playing the card games. The stakes should be made with skills and intelligence. 

You’ll start out playing $1 SNG’s and you will not move up in stakes untill you have $100, at which point you can start grinding the $2 games. By the time you reach the $10 games you would have completed the challenge.

When you first move up in stakes, if you go on any sort of extended losing run (which most of us experience at some time or another) then you have to be prepared to move back down in stakes to re-grind your roll.

For those of you that feels comfortable in your poker skills and are respectful of variance yet not a total bankroll nit then this will be the choice for you. You’re going to play with 25 buy ins at any stake level you choose to play at.

You’ll be starting in the $2 games with you $50 and looking to make the move to the $5 games when you hit $125. But the key to good bankroll management is of course having the dicipline to move down in stakes if/ when you have to. So if your roll drops to $25 then you’ll need to be dropping down to the $1 games and grinding back up to the $50 mark.

If you’re less patient and want to take more of a risk but still stand a chance of getting to the $500 then this is the route for you. You’re going to buy in to games for 10% of your bankroll so you’ll be starting at the $5 games. if you do lose a big chunk of your roll and find yourself with $25-$30 then you’ll have to drop down in stakes to re-grind your roll. The players at all of the games under $10 buy ins are generally so bad that you still have a solid chance to complete this challenge but being able to move down in stakes is a crucial part of bankroll management and vital if you intend to survive playing poker.

Brokerstar completed the challenge only playing a few games a day for a couple of months. This could be completed much faster if you play volume but Broker just took his time. He started on the road to success on the medium risk of going busto by having 25 buyins for the $2 games.

Brokerstar had to drop down in levels once or twice after running bad but as you can see from the graph below he has made just over $450 in profit and along with his initial $50 takes him to just over the $500 goal.

If there is enough interest expressed in the forums then Broker has agreed to do a $500 – $5000 challenge where he will also make videos along the way.

Bonuses & Promotions – Best Online Poker

How can I find out more about your current Promotions?

Why can’t I register for one of your freeroll tournaments?

In order to play in our freeroll tournaments, you must be a AnoPoker Real Money Player. Your email address must also be validated.

Why can’t I register for one of your PokerPoint freeroll tournaments?

You probably didn’t earn the required number of PokerPoints within the specified time frame. You can check your PokerPoint volume after logging in at My Account >> Details >> PokerPoints.

At AnoPoker, a bonus is a previously set amount of money usually given to player for earning a required number of PokerPoints

I didn’t get my bonus. Why?

If your bonus hasn’t been credited to your account within the specified period, please contact the AnoPoker Support Team at and give us as many details as possible, such as bonus type, bonus code used, date of application, etc. We will then immediately investigate the issue and inform you of the results.

How can I get a bonus?

a.) Along with the initial deposit, you can get what is called a “First Deposit” Bonus. For example, 20% of the deposited amount up to $100. In order to know about the initial deposit system, a look can be made at site will guide about the bonuses and rewards available at forts deposit. The amount mentioned should be deposit in the account after its creation. The terms and conditions about the deposit and withdrawal of the cash should be studied through the person. 

 b.) By referring a new player to AnoPoker. This is called an “Invite-A-Friend” bonus. Both players get their bonus after earning the required number of PokerPoints.

 c.) Via a participating independent partner program or an affiliate for becoming part of his network. If a player enters such a bonus code he gets attached to that network. This code can be entered along with initial registration, with the first deposit, etc.

Can a player get both “Invite A Friend” and signup bonuses?

Initially, a new player can get a signup bonus for making a first deposit. This code must be entered when signing up. Following this, any player who wishes to refer a friend can get his share of the Invite A Friend bonus as many times as he/she likes and for as many friends as he/she cares to invite to AnoPoker.

For a brand new player, however, his/her part of the “Invite A Friend” bonus counts as a sign-up bonus. This means that the referred player basically chooses to accept the Invite A Friend bonus instead of a sign-up bonus.

Please don’t forget that these bonuses are only awarded as soon as the player has earned the required number of PokerPoints within the required timeframe following the first deposit, and not before. (For the Invite A Friend and affiliate bonuses, there is no expiration date.)

  • How many PokerPoints must be earned for a bonus to be credited to your account?
  • This amount varies from bonus to bonus.
  • Is there a time period within which you must earn the required number of PokerPoints to get the bonus?
  • Yes. 30, 45 or sometimes 60 days from the time you make your first deposit for signup bonus codes.
  •  For the Invite A Friend and affiliate bonuses, there is no expiration date.
  • What happens if you exceed this time period?
  • How can a player keep track of his bonus details?

On this web site. Log in and go to My Account > Bonus. Here you can see what bonuses are succeeded, active… Here you can cancel any bonus if you like. The PokerPoints details can be under My Account >> Details.

Can a bonus be taken away?

We hold the right to cancel any bonus in case of fraud. A player can also cancel a bonus himself. Affiliate bonus codes cannot be cancelled.

Where can you enter the bonus codes?

When you log on to this website and go to My Account > Cashier > Deposit, you will find a box on the top left side which says “Bonus Code”. You can enter the bonus code here and the amount you wish to deposit in the “Amount” box. You can also fill in the bonus code field on the registration page.

Can a player get a bonus credited to his account if he gets enough raked hands?

Yes and no. Please be aware that all bonuses and promotions at AnoPoker call for POKERPOINTS and not raked hands. One raked hand does not always count for one earned PokerPoint. For example, at our lower limit tables, one raked hand might only count for 0.1 PokerPoint.

What happens if a player forgets to enter a first deposit bonus code when depositing for the first time?

The player may ask for a first deposit bonus from AnoPoker. He/she must send an email from his registered email address and this will be done manually by the AnoPoker Support Team.

Can you activate a first deposit bonus manually?

We can do this manually but only if the player send an email to us. All manual bonuses must first be approved by our Support team.

Why is the box to enter the bonus code blocked by the system for some players during their first deposit?

This is because they have already a first deposit bonus entered. This happens automatically when a promotional AnoPoker banner is clicked on to register. There is always a bonus code attached to these banners, and when you register via this banner you are automatically tracked to the player to whose account the banner is linked. This is also a first deposit bonus and that is why you don’t get to enter another bonus code.

What happens if a player invites two new players and both open up Real Money accounts and deposit money?

Then the player who made the invitation will get two Invite Friend bonuses. This means $50 twice, or a total of $100.

When a player has two Invite A Friend bonuses activated, how many PokerPoints does that player have to earn to get the bonuses credited to his account?

Only one bonus will get activated at a time. So she/he has to earn 550 PokerPoints for each bonus one after the other. The 30 day time limit does not apply here.

Do both the players have to earn their PokerPoints to get the Invite A Friend bonus credited?

The one who earns the 550 PokerPoints within the time limit (if applicable) gets the bonus.

What is the correct procedure for getting a Invite A Friend bonus?

Go to the “Invite A Friend” page on this website under the “Promotions” menu heading. Enter the correct information into the required fields and send the invitation email to your friend. When your friend receives the email, he/she must click on the “REGISTRATION” link in the mail. It will take your friend to our registration page. After the registration and first deposit the “Tell A Friend” will be activated for both.

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