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Slots Jungle – Online Review Of Slots Jungle Casino

Slots Jungle is definitely the king of the jungle when it comes to internet gambling. Thanks to their use of Real Time gaming (RTG) software, their games and site design are some of the best around. Slots Jungle is beautifully constructed and no details were spared in providing players a major selection of games at the ready! In terms of quality, the Slots Jungle surpasses even the stiffest competition. Slots Jungle Casino was set up in 2010 and welcomes in US players with no headaches, as long as they are of legal age requirements. Slots Jungle Casino is licensed for online gaming by the Costa Rican Government, so their casino name is quite appropriate.

Since the inception of Slots Jungle, they have created some absolutely amazing bonus offers. Slots Jungle features three incredible bonuses that players can collect on by using the casino bonus codes to cash them in. They are the King of the Jungle bonus, Lion King Blackjack bonus and the Wild Kingdom Video Poker bonus. The King of the Jungle gets players 100% matching deposit up to $1,000. The Lion King Blackjack gives 100% matching deposit for Blackjack up to $500. Finally, the Wild Kingdom offers players 100% matching bonus for Video Poker up to $500 as well. Each matching bonus is awarded upon initial signup and completion of the first deposit.

Players will also find a special trail the Slots Jungle Casino secret trail that features special weekly bonuses on slots and table games. Slots and table game weekly bonus amounts are redeemable for up to 15 times with play through requirement being 30X for Slots and 35X for table games. This means that players must wager bonus amounts at least 30 to 35 times before they can cash out.

VIP Programs are available for high roller players as Slots Jungle and consist of four different reward clubs. Members of the Brown Bear VIP, White Tiger VIP and Golden VIP clubs can expect exclusive special bonuses and game events especially for them. The Lion King VIP is considered to be top echelon for players and are lavishly treated to 10% weekly bonuses on each deposit, great comp point conversions, personal VIP Manager and 125% weekday and weekend deposit bonuses up to $1,250. All VIP reward clubs must be by invitation only and players can check their eligibility with customer service should they so choose. Being a “very important player” can have its advantages and fringe benefits at Slots Jungle Casino.

Customers will find that there are numerous deposit methods they can use such as Visa, UseMyWallet, Gold-Pay, Neteller, eWallet Xpress, MoneyBookers, UKash, ECO Card and Wire Transfer. Minimum deposit is $21, but Wire Transfer has no limit. Maximum deposit is $1000 with no maximum on Wire Transfer.

All player withdrawals are handled by Slots Jungle software. Customers only need click on the “Cashier” button and choose how they would like to withdrawal their funds. Minimum withdrawal amount is $100 and capped at a weekly maximum of $3,000. Approval times with making withdraw transfers can take up to 4 days. Initial withdrawals are held pending verification of players accounts.

Slots Jungle will not disappoint players who like tournament events. They offer daily slot tournaments from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET. They don’t allow bonus cash to be applied to slot tournaments for wagering. Cash prizes vary and awarded daily to some lucky players, so grab your rabbit’s foot and place your bets. Interactive slot menus will keep players informed as to current slot game players, jackpot amounts and registration timeframes. Leaderboard stats even keep track of tournament duration and entry fees are as low as $3.50 to play Crystal Waters, Texas Tycoon and Loose Caboose.

Players wandering through the Slots Jungle Casino will find an enchanted garden and treasure chambers under the Real Series Slots section. Swim around the island of the Progressive Slots and find games such as Sunken Treasure where players can win jackpots of over $1,000. The Sunken Treasure game features 20 line payouts and 3 reels of neat graphics. The Slots Jungle presents games to players in both download and instant browser flash play. Over 50 Flash games can be enjoyed including exciting table games such as American and European Roulette, Craps and Bacarrat.

Don’t miss out on Slots Jungle’s Progressive table games to help keep your money safe from other pirates seeking to steal your coins. Get in on the action of games like Let’em Ride, Caribbean Stud Poker and the Caribbean Hold’em Poker where players can win as much as $10,000. Trust us when we say that players who get lost inside Slots Jungle won’t want to be rescued.


Since online gambling is rising at the high speed the frauds that are occurring on the gambling sites are also rising. Many verified and safe websites offer people to play games like Pkv QQ online. you need to look at the reviews and ratings of the players that have already used the site to be sure about it. 

How to Play the Education Lottery Games

If you want to get the chance to become a millionaire while supporting a worthy cause, play the NC lottery. The North Carolina (NC) Education Lottery operates a number of lottery games in support of the state’s education sector, with net revenues going to construction of school buildings, initiatives to reduce class sizes for early grades and college scholarships for qualified students. Here is how to play North Carolina lottery games:

  • The North Carolina Powerball game is a multi-state game that offers a minimum jackpot of $20 million. To play, pick five numbers from 1 to 59 in the Power Play area of the playslip and a sixth Powerball number from 1 to 39. You can wager $1 for a regular ticket or $2 to avail of the Power Play ticket that will multiply non-jackpot prizes by 2 to 5 times. You can also ask the computer to pick numbers for you using the Quick Pick option.
  • The Powerball also offers separate Match 5 Bonus prizes whenever the jackpot reaches the allowable maximum. The excess is used as the prize pool for the Match 5 and all players with a Powerball ticket for the draw are qualified to win the special prize. If more than one player matches all five numbers they share the prize pot equally. Buy lottery tickets and play the NC Mega Millions.
  • The North Carolina Mega Millions game is another multi-state game but with a minimum jackpot of $12 million. Its rules are similar to the Powerball game, except that you will pick five numbers from 1 to 56 and a sixth MEGA number from 1 to 46.
  • Each regular Mega Millions ticket costs $1 while the Megaplier ticket that multiplies your winnings by as much as four times costs $2. Apart from the jackpot, the Mega Millions game has eight other minor prize levels, providing you with multiple chances to become a winner.
  • The Carolina Pick 3 offers smaller prizes but better odds of winning. You play the NC lottery Pick 3 game by choosing three numbers from 0 to 9 as well as a Play Type (which offers you several ways of winning such as having to match the drawn numbers in exact order or in any order; each Play Type has its own corresponding prize amount).
  • You can bet $0.50 or $1 and win as much as $500 depending on your Play Type and how much you’ve wagered.

  • The Carolina Pick 4 game is played similar to the Pick 3 game except that you pick four numbers from 0 to 9 as well as the Play Type. You can win as much as $5,000 depending on how much you wager. Tickets cost $0.50 to $1.
  • The Carolina Cash 5 has a minimum jackpot of $50,000 and increases every time it is not won. To play the NC lottery Cash 5, pick five numbers from 1 to 39 with each ticket costing $1. Apart from the jackpot, you can win minor prizes if you match 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers in the drawn combination. You can also choose to play as many as 28 drawings in advance with the same combination.

There are many others that you can think of because Carolina is extremely popular for its lottery matches where the tickets are available at an affordable price while the jackpot is quite huge with games ranging from poker, roulette and Judi Online making the entire venture a fine piece of work in the form of entertainment.

Finding a Good Poker Plan

Some years ago I was a very keen chess player and reached master strength. When I took to playing blackjack and then online poker between 1998 and 2000 then chess fell by the wayside. However the lessons are still there and the work and study that I did on chess at that time has actually helped me to be a better poker player. Poker has often been likened to chess but with cards and money and a lot more luck thrown in. There is no doubt that to be good in either chess or poker requires a good strategic brain and the formulation of a sound plan.

In both games then only when your opponents are very weak can you win by basically not doing anything. A strong chess player doesn’t have to do much to defeat a novice chess player. Simply by developing normally and waiting for their opponent to blunder will suffice to win. The same applies in poker because against very weak players then you don’t need to do anything constructive……if you have enough patience then weak players will eventually pass you money.

However when they stop “passing you money” then the game becomes a whole lot different. Suddenly you have to develop strategy for the first time and start to look at the game differently. You can get some effective strategies by playing poker online such as Judi Bola. In chess then a player takes a massive quantum leap forward when they begin to understand structure and how structure basically helps us to formulate a plan of attack in the middle game. The pawn structure allows pieces to develop in a certain way and each pawn structure has certain correct strategic plans attached to it. So what has this to do with poker? Well each type of poker game has its own unique “structure” where theoretically correct play is derived because of it.

Whether you are playing tournament poker, cash games, NLHE, PLO, heads up, short-handed, six max, full ring, micro-stakes, low-stakes, middle stakes or whatever. Each poker game has its own structure attached to it. In chess for example then some pawn structures allow for very sharp play akin to very aggressive lines in short-handed play in poker. These lines don’t suit everyone and some players who fare less well when it comes to calculating multiple lines do less well in these openings than others. However if we change that to a more positional opening where attrition becomes the order of the day then suddenly the player performs far better.

This is why it is important to find your optimal style in poker. Do not be led by hype or what you read or hear in coaching videos or books. You need to think long and hard about what type of personality you have and what your personal strengths are. It is no good being risk averse and then playing heads up poker just because you have read a book on it. This is one of the biggest lessons that I learned in my poker career.

Free Tennis Betting Tips – How to use them?

Looking for free tennis betting tips online? Tennis has been one of the sports that we love. It is played using a ball and a racket. The racket is used to hit the rubber ball, called serve, to the other team player that stands opposite to him. If the player served it to the wrong person or court, it is not considered as a point and the game will resume following the point you had before you served the ball in the wrong person or side of the court.

You will have your turn in serving, receiving or even choosing your side in the court by a toss, either with a coin or a racket. It is played between 1 player each team, this is called singles, or 2 players each team which is called doubles. Scoring in tennis is not hard; you just have to think of the clock.

The first point that the server wins is 15 points, second point is 30, third is 45, but now usually called 40. If the game goes back to love, which means zero in tennis, it is won. If there is deuce, a term used when the score is 40-40, a side should win by two points. If advantage in is called, the server wins the next point and the game. If advantage out is called, the receiver of the ball, will have his turn and chance to win the next point and the game. While playing at Poker Online site, the implementation of the tips is with intelligence. The understanding of the games is high when the tips are correct and compatible one. The understanding of the basics is necessary to get the benefits at the poker room with the tips. The chances of winnings are high at the table. 

Playing tennis is not about being good in hitting the ball with the racket. Sometimes, luck plays its part, too. This is the reason why many people are betting on tennis games, because they also think that luck will make its way to make them win on the betting game. If you feel lucky enough today, try betting in one of your favorite tennis player, if not, worry no more because I can tell you where to find free tennis betting tips. Yes, I said free tennis betting tips. They won’t ask any amount from you. This is absolutely free.

In, you can find free tennis betting tips. This site is good, because there is an explanation on why they think a certain player will win in tennis. If you subscribe via e-mail, you will receive first. They’re so sure about their bet that they even offer you free £25 for betting. Great, isn’t it?

Another must-be-visited website is This site won’t tell you who they think will win the game, but they will give you the factors that will make a player win in a tennis game. You can also subscribe on their website to receive latest free tennis betting tips and advice. is also a great source of free tennis betting tips. You can find betting tips, advice and prices on upcoming tennis matches. It is free and accessible for everyone. It also ensures you that you will have gain from betting on tennis. This site also has a tennis forum for tennis enthusiasts like you. Poetik is the best tennis tipster they have that profits a staggering 110% with a yield of 11.7% from 113 bets. If you are doing really well in betting, you can be like Poetik and be one of their tipsters.

So, there you have it, the website where you can find free tennis betting tips. I hope these sites that offer free betting tips will help you in gaining from betting online

An explanatory summary of poker tips and tricks

The essay that appears before you is about to help you apprehend why you all might aspire to ponder upon the case of poker tips and tricks, as well as what way will allow you to cope with various problems pertaining to the arguments that have to do with poker tips and tricks. 

Wish to turn into an improved netpoker player, fast? Follow these four recommendations to better your pokercardgames online performance and winnings. While geared to novice players, you`ll find cyber pokeronline game instructions that even seasoned professionals need to remind themselves of sometimes.

1) Do not Gamble Every Card Hand / Quit the game More Often

Almost certainly the number one mistake new internetpoker bettors make is that they gamble on too many card hands. As you are just learning participating in online internetpoker, you want to actually play pokeronline game on the computer, which suggests gambling on hands that are not that good only in order to get part of the action. However, betting more does not suggest gaining more; it mostly suggests losing more money. If you find you`re gambling 0.5 or more the rounds you`re dealt, you have to heighten your starting hand requirements.

2) Don`t Wager Intoxicated

Many times have I played across a table from a participant & watched them get plastered silly and throw away their whole stack of chips. I`ve been that very person too – and there`re evenings in which you`re just betting with friends for low gambles and in that case it`s more about the enjoyment than the webpoker – though if you are playing at a gaming site, keep away from the alcohol. As a matter of fact, though you may be more calm after 2 beers, it might end up in you playing looser and less sharply, also when one is not `drunk.` A summary can be prepared through the experts for playing poker card games at Poker Online website. The level of enjoyment is high in comparison to the other one. The concentration of the players is on improving the gameplay to beat the opponent and have benefits. 

3) Do not Bluff Just For Bluffing`s Sake

Lots of beginners believe that bluffing is a part of netpoker, though not precisely in what way. There is NO regulation that one must bluff a specific amount or even once during a pokeronline card game, however some participants don`t sense like they`ve won unless they have used a webpoker sham. Bluffs just succeed during certain circumstances & against some bettors, so in case you realize a gamer always calls to the showdown, it is literally not possible to bluff that specific participant. It is better never to bluff than to bluff, “Just in order to bluff.

4) Do not Remain inside a Hand Only Since You`re Already In It

Another common mistake pokeronline new players do is to tell themselves that “Well, I`ve already put so much for stake, I have to stay in at the preset.” Nope. You can`t win a round just by tossing money at the pot. There might be instances when pot odds merit a call, although when you are positive you will lose, plus there is no chance your hand could improve to become the best hand of cards, you ought to quit the game straight away. The cash you`ve already placed for stake is not yours anymore, and you can not get it back only by means of playing a hand until the end. 

 In need for additional Poker Tips And Tricks info? 

The page that has been presented before you should have helped solve some of your questions concerning the things that come into mind when we raise the topic of poker tips and tricks, and after that lead you in your quest. Go get them, tiger!

8 Practical Gambling Tips Worth Having A Look

When you have lucrative venues like Palm Springs Casino, a round of poker is inevitable. Although, all the casino games are not that easy as you think, which is why you might need to learn about the basics and other strategies that you can use in order to win the big jackpot. In this article, we are going to take a look at the most powerful yet practical gambling tips that every casino goer should pay attention to. 

  • Effective Management of your money

In order to start with your seamless casino experience, you should do effective management of your money. Here, it is really important that you never bet or gamble money more than you can afford. This is a really common rookie mistake, where players end up losing a lot more money than they can afford, hoping that they would win the next round.

In addition to this, you can also try effective management of your money, where you can use the money that you are interested to use in gambling in such a way that it would increase your overall chance of winning. 

  • Placing bets in smaller jackpots

Another important thing that you should keep in your mind while placing your bet in jackpots is that instead of placing it in bigger jackpots, you should try your luck with the smaller ones. This way you will have more chance of winning as such jackpots or games have a much lower variance when compared with the bigger ones. 

  • Smaller bets

It is a really terrible idea to place big bets if you are not that experience, even when you think that your chances of winning are high. It is really important that you understand the dynamics of the game properly before you start placing big bets.

By placing smaller bets at different tables, you basically increase your chances of winning, however, you might not win that big but getting 1000$ for your 10$ is not that bad. Also, you should be placing your bets on short odds instead of going for the long ones, as like this, you will be able to predict the flow of your game more accurately that will surely increase your chances of winning. 

  • Learn the dynamics of the game

As casino games can be quite different when it comes to their overall rules and regulations, it is quite important that you learn all about those rules and understand how the game works. Here, instead of going straight to the casino, you can go online and try out the games that you are interested in beforehand. This way you will be able to get a good sense of the game, and thereafter, you can move out to a casino. 

  • Beware of the betting systems

If you ever come across any betting system, make sure that you run in the opposite direction. There is no definite or certain way through which you can win a game. This is why it is recommended that you never invest or bet through such a betting system hoping that you can win big like this. Instead, you can divide your betting amount and improve your overall chance of winning any game. 

  • Time management

Just like management of your money is important, it is quite important that you keep a track of your time while playing any game. Management of your time is vital as you might get too involved in any game after a while that you might end up losing the track of your time. By managing your time, you will be able to make sure that you do not end up spending too much time in the casino. 

  • Play free games beforehand

In order to get the best idea of any game, make sure that you go for a few free rounds before you place any bet. Here, you can go online or watch a few games as well, which will help you in learning more about the game you are interested in. 

  • Learning about Skill stop games

If you are into slots games, then you should definitely learn about the skill stop mechanism, which is a true way to test your skills in the games and offers you more chances of winning. Although, most of the games, might stimulate similar actions just to keep you engaged. This is why it is recommended that you read about the rules and regulations of the game and thereafter, test your skills. 


These are the best tips that any gambling expert can share with you. If you are trying to improve your skills, make sure that you keep all this in your mind.

Best Online Poker Sites – What are they?

Where are the best online poker sites? Online poker is a vast industry. Many countries have legalized this game, that’s why when cyber technology came in full impact, thousands of websites hosted this once land-based gambling game. But among the thousands out there, what do you think are the best online poker sites?

How can you distinguish them? Are they really secured? This article will list down some of the factors you need to consider in finding the best poker sites in the Web. 

How To Find The Best Online Poker Sites

Finding a good online poker site is really time-consuming. You want to be secured, so you want a reliable poker site. But how can you know if they are safe? Among the plenty independent online poker sites, there are tremendous concerns as to what the honest and safe ones are. Many online poker folks around the planet are worried about every site’s integrity. They want to know if there is any way to distinguish an honest one or a fraudulent one. If you’re among those folks, then the answer is a big NO. These sites are created to function alone, without any intervention from web maintainers or I.T. programmers. The database of an online poker site, for example, is well-organized with algorithms. Such elements permit the legitimacy of card randomization. The best online poker sites take much care and money to make their own unique and special software and to license it, through reputable and well-known software houses. Judi Bola Resmi site has the software which is compatible for the personal computer and mobile phone of the players. The playing of online games and wagering of the amount is possible from home. It offers comfort and convenience to the players with the engagement. 

But if you are thinking how much profit these sites earn for them not to make such fraudulent matters, you might be shocked after hearing the answer. Imagine all those entry charges, buy-ins, and rakes that a famous online poker site gets from you every time you play plus the charges from all of its players around the globe plus the sponsorship they have. See? They even gross higher than a telecommunications company. Another factor to consider is the notion an online poker site receives from international auditory bodies and organizations. They are responsible for checking and inspecting gambling sites, like the BMM International and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. If an online poker site is regularly checked by these regulatory bodies, that site is likely to be genuine, honest, and trustworthy.

Around the globe, many people are hyped up about and attracted to online poker. They are in millions, that’s why cases of fraudulency are rare, but still you need to be aware. Online poker is possibly the future of the conventional casino-based poker. The best online poker sites already lured plenty of live poker players. If that particular site, for example, has a large amount of players, chances of that online poker site being false are very low. A secure and honest online poker site may not be filled with state-of-the-art graphics or other interactive materials. Don’t be a pray to sites with grand index pages and intros. A genuine site is likely to be an easy, user-friendly site. You, as an online poker player, should be aware of these factors and always be observant. Wise thinking is the key to avoid such fraudulent sites. The best online poker sites can be found if you’re good enough to play a game of poker.

How to grab the Advertising Opportunities at CasinoMan.Net

CasinoMan.Net offers the following advertising on the website. See right hand column for banner locations diagram.

We offer the top banner next to the logo for sole purchase in periods of monthly intervals. This will enable you to place whatever banners you choose and rotate your own set of banners for a 1 month period.

This space is visible throughout the length of a visitors visit, and will rotate each time the visitor views another page on the CasinoMan.Net website.

Same description as above for Top Banner.

All advertising can be bought in advance to start at a future date, so you can pre-book dates to coincide with their own special promotions eg easter, xmas etc.

We apply the following restrictions to advertising:

  • No popup windows are to be associated with the banners

Here are the banner specification guidelines: 

Formats allowed: gif, jpg, flash rich media 

Flash Media filesize: 15k bytes

486×60 max filesize: 25k bytes

 120×600 max filesize: 30k byte

New, from September 2005, CasinoMan.Net will be auctioning banner spaces through our own banner auction system.

This will give give equal opportunities for everyone to purchase banner spaces on, at reasonable prices. While playing at the gambling site, the players ensure that the games from verified with 토토 사이site. The availability of the real and genuine games with the advertisement is there. It will increase in the engagement of the players with checking of the reviews. The rankings of the site will be good for delivering the opportunities.

To view these auctions, please follow this link. You will be required to register to bid for the spaces, and you will recieve email notifications during the auction to keep you informed of its progress.

Apon the end of an auction, you are bound by the final price to accept the banner contract terms as stated in the auction details.

Please note that we only accept banner placements from gambling related establishments. Any other bids on non-gambling related material will be rejected.

Payment can be made via Neteller or via direct bank transfer. The payment of winning auctions will be paid fully in advance of the campaign. If the winning bidder retracts their winning bid after the auction, the auction will be given to the 2nd highest bidder.

  • www.CasinoMan.Net reserves the right to remove any material which is deemed offensive or unsuitable for the advertising space.
  • Banners are acceptable in animated gif, standard gif, Macromedia Flash or jpeg formats only.
  • Implementation of the banner and code is the responsibility of www.CasinoMan.Net.
  • Tracking and tagging of the banner is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • www.CasinoMan.Net makes no guarantee on click through percentages or number of banner impressions.

Please have your payment and creatives ready to go once you are declared the winner of an auction. You will be required to send your banner creatives via email so that we can begin the campaign on the exact start date. Please note that if the delay occurs on the end of the purchaser, no additional days will be added at the end of the campaign.

Different themes at the slot machines for the beginners

CRAZY SLOTS is an online slot powered by Mazooma. It has a classic fruit theme and a very unique layout. This will take just seconds to launch once you have registered with the online casino that features it. Players are not required to install any software to launch this game.

Crazy Slots is a little confusing the very first time you play (especially for newbies), but it will only take five minutes to get used to. As soon as you have launched the game you will notice the pay table at the top and four different slots at the bottom, SLOT1, SLOT2, SLOT3 and SLOT4.

Each slot has three individual reels and once you have set your wager limit you can begin the craziness. 

The reels do not spin in this game. The idea is to fill up each different slot with randomly appearing symbols. A set of three symbols (one complete reel) will appear at the top of the screen, to the right of the paytable. Players must then decide which SLOT they want to put this reel in.

As soon as you have clicked on the slot, those three symbols will appear in the first reel of that slot (to the left hand side, reel 1) and another set of three symbols will automatically appear in their place (next to the paytable again). Once again you can choose where you want to put this, either slot 1, 2, 3 or 4. It’s actually easier than it sounds. The sound and visual effects at 더킹카지 are amazing for the engagement of the players. The use of the right symbol is done at the place to get the desired results. The selection of the game at the video fruit theme table with excellence to win more cash is made. 

You will notice that each time you do this you will be given a hint on where to place the next set of three symbols because certain symbols will flash on and off. You don’t have to take the hint, but they are simply pointing out the possible wins that could occur and it’s worth taking their advice unless you have a hunch about some other win that could appear.

The idea is to fill all of the reels with the symbols until all four slots are completely full . Lucky players will be able to win on all four of the slots. To start a new game again, you must hit spin and begin the ‘filling up’ and ‘strategically placing’ process again. 

The symbols include Cherries, Oranges, Lemons, Plums, Strawberries, Watermelons, Red Stars, Blue Sevens, Bells and the Crazy Slots Logo. Placing a bet on this slot can range from anywhere between 0.01 and 100.00 coins. 

This game will be like Marmite for a lot of players because you are actually required to use a bit of brain power in this one. It will take a bit of getting used to but there are plenty of prizes to play for, and don’t expect to find any bonus rounds here. However, this slot does make for a refreshing change and is rather original.

Bad way to bluff – Check them to play at online website

Ive heard it said, if you are not caught bluffing, then you are not bluffing enough. There may be some truth to that statement, but it does not stand up if getting caught­ means you too often lose your table stake, your entire Bandar Bola bankroll or are regularly amongst the first few out of a tournament. So, there is more to this bluffing thing than meets the eye.

Some aspects of a poker bluff are covered in the pages, Bluff club (an overview), Semi bluff (semi bluff, continuation betting and positional betting) and Bluffing in a dead pot (why it is often wrong), which you may also find useful. 

 When a promising starting hand losses strength on the flop, turn or river, there may still be an opportunity to bluff and make a profit. Recognising the better bluff situations as well as the opponents who are inclined to believe your bluff, will benefit you in the long term; a good bluff will be rewarding, a bad bluff will often be expensive.

The selection of the right technique is important to have the advantages at the poker table. The identification of different methods is there to enhance the playing experience. The understanding of the basic is necessary to have the benefits at the poker table. 

 Bluffing the wrong player

There are a number of circumstances where bluffing is correct, but all occasions depend upon the player you are trying to bluff.

  • Number one rule:

You should recognise a good player before you try to bluff them. Attempting to steal the pot from a player who does not understand what hand you are representing with your bluff will be a bad bluff. Their may be several reasons for a player being blind to your betting.

  • Novices

while you may hoodwink one novice into believing a bluff, you may not be so fortunate against another. Be choosey.

  • Poor players

an unskilled player may not understand what you are trying to tell them with your bluff and are liable to call any amount, with anything.

  • On tilt

a player who has gone on tilt (say following a hit to a previously healthy stack) may make a marginal call out of frustration.

  • Maniacs

maniacs will call any bet – every time. They will have made themselves obvious to the table very early.

  •  Bad bluff situations

There will be many boards that you can bluff on and players that you can take advantage of. Temper your aggression by recognising situations that may turn (or have turned) sour. The following examples are not comprehensive; there are just too many ways a player can shoot themselves in the foot.

  • Versus the big stack

if you are short stacked on the button and the big stack is the big blind, think long and hard if trying to steal their blinds with a bluff when they can easily afford to call.

  • Versus the short stack

push them as hard as you like as often as you like, but be aware that their circumstance may require them to make a call with a marginal hand.

  • Versus a calling station

if you have recognised a player as a Ďcalling stationí think carefully when they start betting.

  • Versus tight players

if you have recognised a tight player think carefully after they have shown strength.

  • Bluffing when the pot has outgrown bluff territory

it is generally a mistake to bluff or continue bluffing when the pot has outgrown bluff territory. People do not make a habit of investing their chips without good reason. Always consider why so many chips are going into the pot.

  • Bluffing too often

you can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you canít fool all the people all the time.

  • Bluffing without position

from an early or middle seat position be wary of making too many bluffs that may get called or raised. Instead, understand and use ‘position’ when it is your turn.

  • Your one bluff of the hour

bluffing after you have genuinely won several hands in a short time may not work out. If you win three consecutive hands without bluffing, then on the fourth, raise with another good one and miss the flop, a bluff is less likely to work out because others will be thinking you canít always have it (and why would you want to bluff; didnít you earn enough from the previous three hands).

  • Big bluffs at little pots

regular bluffs and semi-bluffs at small pots can bring a positive return, but the frequency and the size of the bet should be measured. There is no sense in consistently bluffing 500 chips into a 30 chip pot.

  • Slow-playing when you should be check raising

slow-playing and check raising are both bluffs (albeit, initially bluffing that you donít have a hand when you do). Problems arise when you donít understand the difference in the two plays and so slow-play a hand you should check raise with; link Don’t beat yourself up if one or two bluffs go badly, so long as you had considered all aspects before making the play, you can learn from the result. Not all bluffs that get called are bad bluffs; sometimes the caller was wrong, ambitious or brave when making the call, other times they may have had a good read on you or be simply holding the nuts.

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