How to Spot Celebrities at Professional Poker Tournaments

Thousands of people travel to Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City to see what celebrates that they can spot during major professional poker tournaments. As someone who has viewed many professional poker tournaments. I am sometimes asked if I have any tips for being able to spot the top professional poker players, and the top Hollywood stars in the crowd of players.

Follow the Crowds

The easiest way to find celebrities in a professional poker tournament is to follow the crowds. Large crowds will usually form near the tables of the top professional poker players, and Hollywood celebrities. Of course, the more people that you will have to get through, the harder it will be to see the celebrity.

Check the Outer Rim

The organizers of professional poker tournaments know that most of the spectators at the tournaments are there to see their favorite professional poker players, or Hollywood stars who play poker. The tournament organizers will usually place some of the top players, and Hollywood personalities on the outer rim of the play area since these are the ones that will be seen from the viewing area. Slowly look around table to table on the outer rim to see who you can see.

Pay Attention to Blockers

Remember that during the general portion of the tournament, many of the players will wear hats and sunglasses. Pay attention to these types of blockers as they might be hiding a professional poker player, or one of the Hollywood stars.

Look in the Center

Some of the Hollywood stars in professional poker tournaments specifically request to be put at the inside tables where they will be away from the spectators. Many of the tournament organizers will do what they can to fulfill this kind of need. You might find that you are a pretty good distance away from some of the bigger stars.

Look for Cameras

Where ever there are TV cameras, you are going to find celebrities. Remember that most of the time when professional poker tournaments are shown on TV the cameras will be on tables with the biggest celebrities. Who knows, you might even end up on TV. My wife can be seen at multiple times in the background of the 2006 World Series of Poker. Celebrities are also believed to be playing casino online. They do also use poker online to play casino games using the Internet. The online realm has wide variety of casino games. This gives comfort and convenience to people to play casino without leaving the comfort of their houses.

Keep these tips in mind if you are going to view a professional poker tournament if you want the chance of seeing celebrities. You might have the same chances that I have had of seeing the top professional poker players, or some of the bigger Hollywood stars.

Johnnie is a college student. He is doing his under-graduation in physiotherapy. He loves poker and his friends love him for his storytelling skills