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How to grab the Advertising Opportunities at CasinoMan.Net

CasinoMan.Net offers the following advertising on the website. See right hand column for banner locations diagram.

We offer the top banner next to the logo for sole purchase in periods of monthly intervals. This will enable you to place whatever banners you choose and rotate your own set of banners for a 1 month period.

This space is visible throughout the length of a visitors visit, and will rotate each time the visitor views another page on the CasinoMan.Net website.

Same description as above for Top Banner.

All advertising can be bought in advance to start at a future date, so you can pre-book dates to coincide with their own special promotions eg easter, xmas etc.

We apply the following restrictions to advertising:

  • No popup windows are to be associated with the banners

Here are the banner specification guidelines: 

Formats allowed: gif, jpg, flash rich media 

Flash Media filesize: 15k bytes

486×60 max filesize: 25k bytes

 120×600 max filesize: 30k byte

New, from September 2005, CasinoMan.Net will be auctioning banner spaces through our own banner auction system.

This will give give equal opportunities for everyone to purchase banner spaces on, at reasonable prices. While playing at the gambling site, the players ensure that the games from verified with 토토 사이site. The availability of the real and genuine games with the advertisement is there. It will increase in the engagement of the players with checking of the reviews. The rankings of the site will be good for delivering the opportunities.

To view these auctions, please follow this link. You will be required to register to bid for the spaces, and you will recieve email notifications during the auction to keep you informed of its progress.

Apon the end of an auction, you are bound by the final price to accept the banner contract terms as stated in the auction details.

Please note that we only accept banner placements from gambling related establishments. Any other bids on non-gambling related material will be rejected.

Payment can be made via Neteller or via direct bank transfer. The payment of winning auctions will be paid fully in advance of the campaign. If the winning bidder retracts their winning bid after the auction, the auction will be given to the 2nd highest bidder.

  • www.CasinoMan.Net reserves the right to remove any material which is deemed offensive or unsuitable for the advertising space.
  • Banners are acceptable in animated gif, standard gif, Macromedia Flash or jpeg formats only.
  • Implementation of the banner and code is the responsibility of www.CasinoMan.Net.
  • Tracking and tagging of the banner is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • www.CasinoMan.Net makes no guarantee on click through percentages or number of banner impressions.

Please have your payment and creatives ready to go once you are declared the winner of an auction. You will be required to send your banner creatives via email so that we can begin the campaign on the exact start date. Please note that if the delay occurs on the end of the purchaser, no additional days will be added at the end of the campaign.

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