How To Become A Pro Poker Player

Who in their right mind would turn down the opportunity to become a pro poker player? Pro poker players get to live the life of freedom as they do what they want when they want, and however, they want to do it. It is similar to running your own business minus the storefront, employees, and the hassle of having to be somewhere. It is a great life.

By now, you are probably more than interested in doing this for yourself. And why shouldn’t you be? It should be simple to become a pro player, right? It can be if you follow our top 5 tips on how to become a pro poker player. Additionally, there is 토토사이트 a perfect resource that you can use in order to hone your skills before you get into the big leagues.

1) Dedicate yourself to achieving your poker goals

If you want to be a pro poker player, you really have to want it. Since becoming a pro is similar to running your own business, there is a certain amount of discipline needed.

You need to be sure you are actually “working” which will require you to enter tournaments or sit down in front of your computer and grind it out and the ring games.

To become a pro player, you need to be sure your reasons for doing so don’t include being lazy and sitting on the couch doing nothing.

2) Learn (and practice) proper bankroll management

Yes, you are a baller and everyone knows it. How much of a baller are you going to look like when you are broke and bumming money for food?

Or better yet, I bet you would like to ask your previous boss for your old job back after telling him what you thought of him and his company. To avoid this, you need to practice proper bankroll management.

The whole idea of proper bankroll management is to make sure you can ride the various swings that you will face as a poker player. And you will face these variations, no ifs, and, or buts about it.

To be able to ride these swings out, you will want to be sure that you are playing in stakes you can afford to play in, lose, and still have enough money to play the next day.

You will want to have the biggest bankroll possible for the stakes you are playing at. And a good rule of thumb for game selection is to never buy into games for more than 5% of your bankroll or 2.5% for sit n go’s.

Of course, you will want to “take shots” at higher stakes, but if it feels like it can devastate your bankroll or way of life, you are not ready. What your goal needs to be is your bills paid, food for you and your family, and money to make more money at the poker tables.

3) Study hard to get better at poker

If you think you are the best poker player in the world then sadly, you are going to find out the hard way that you are not. If you are not one of the few that think this way, then it is crucial to keep in mind that the only way to progress is to find your problem areas and fix them. These are known as “leaks”.

You can find leaks by analyzing stats in a program like Hold’em Manager or Poker tracker and by posting hand histories on forums such as 2+2 for others to help analyze.

It is important to know what kind of player you are, loose, tight, or aggressive, and hone in on your natural playing style and skills.

Having said that, it is equally important to be able to “change gears” and play other styles as well. The biggest problem you may face is not the bad streak of cards or the donkey across the table, but becoming complacent with your own game and not working hard enough at playing better poker.

4) Network and find good poker mentors

There will be a time where you will probably start to level off as far as getting better or progressing as a poker player. There is only so much you can do.

This is normal in lots of different areas of life and to get past this is to find other sources of help. Having friends that play or pro players as acquaintances will be a big help in your quest to becoming a pro poker player.

They may have the experience to show you some of your biggest leaks in your game and provide you with tips on how to plug those leaks up. This will be one of your biggest assets when on your path to becoming a pro player.

5) Have patience

Becoming a pro poker player will not happen overnight. You will need to work hard and put 110% of yourself into it just to stay afloat. But when the time is right, you will win the “big” one that keeps you permanently afloat or you will find that little leak that you have that changes your game and makes you that much tighter of a player.

With a little bit of determination and patience, you will be a pro poker player before you know it.


Johnnie is a college student. He is doing his under-graduation in physiotherapy. He loves poker and his friends love him for his storytelling skills