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Evaluating Gameday Weather Conditions for Betting Success

Baseball is an environmental game. Unlike the indoor courts of some professional sports that have sweepers ready to wipe the sweat off the Fleet Center´s classic parquet floor, the baseball diamond is subject to the outdoor environment. 12 mph winds blowing south, light hints of rain, and other weather behavior can greatly influence the performance of the baseball teams competing on the field. A home run can be easily knocked off of its course by a prevailing 20 mph. wind and a player can easily miss his base due to a sloppy and soaked infield. By looking into how weather can affect a baseball exhibition, you can increase the likelihood of winning your baseball bets.

A pivotal weather factor that affects baseball games day in and day out like clockwork is the air pressure. Air pressure can easily change the flight path of a baseball in the air. It can either resist its motion, pushing it away from the homerun wall or launch it a couple of feet past Fenway´s Green Monster. Colorado´s Coors Field is notorious for its thin air (due to its location in the Mile High city) – as a result, homeruns are better hit with farther distance and line drives are smacked to the opposite field with more zip. Supposed your Colorado Rockies just traded for Richie Sexson, one of baseball´s finest power hitters. Going up against the lowly Tampa Bay Devil Rays in an interleague game, they play on their home turf. Wouldn´t Colorado be a safe bet if their starting pitcher with a 1.34 ERA through 6 contests went up against a lifetime 3.45 ERA pitcher? Taking the air pressure factor into your betting decision goes a long way towards increasing the likelihood of winning your bet.

Another weather factor to take into consideration when placing bets on baseball game is the temperature. As you might have already known, the higher the temperature – the more dense the air is. So on a blistering 100 degree day, the ball is going to go further through the air than on a cloudy, overcast day at 65 degrees. Although the ball won´t travel much further (give or take 10 extra feet) temperature will not blaze trails in determining the outcome of a game. Although if a team had power hitters through the 3 to 6 spots, you might want to take this into consideration.

By now, you are probably wondering – what about wind? Without a shadow of a doubt, wind is the lifeline of the game that has an ideal gameplay of classic ball games in which a player has to 먹튀 it again and again but now its have some conditions bettors depend on to place their bets. If a wind current is headed northwards towards the home run bleachers, a fly ball towards the fence can easily drop through for an extra point (or 4 on a grand slam.) A 20 mph. wind can easily add 50 to 60 feet to the blast distance. If you know Barry Bonds is going to get an ample number of at-bats in a game against the Milwaukee Brewers with a poor performing pitcher on the mound, you can place your bets accordingly. For the savvy bettor, investigating weather conditions for a baseball game bet is a smart course of action. Try it yourself and see how many games you win!

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