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How can I find out more about your current Promotions?

Why can’t I register for one of your freeroll tournaments?

In order to play in our freeroll tournaments, you must be a AnoPoker Real Money Player. Your email address must also be validated.

Why can’t I register for one of your PokerPoint freeroll tournaments?

You probably didn’t earn the required number of PokerPoints within the specified time frame. You can check your PokerPoint volume after logging in at My Account >> Details >> PokerPoints.

At AnoPoker, a bonus is a previously set amount of money usually given to player for earning a required number of PokerPoints

I didn’t get my bonus. Why?

If your bonus hasn’t been credited to your account within the specified period, please contact the AnoPoker Support Team at and give us as many details as possible, such as bonus type, bonus code used, date of application, etc. We will then immediately investigate the issue and inform you of the results.

How can I get a bonus?

a.) Along with the initial deposit, you can get what is called a “First Deposit” Bonus. For example, 20% of the deposited amount up to $100. In order to know about the initial deposit system, a look can be made at site will guide about the bonuses and rewards available at forts deposit. The amount mentioned should be deposit in the account after its creation. The terms and conditions about the deposit and withdrawal of the cash should be studied through the person. 

 b.) By referring a new player to AnoPoker. This is called an “Invite-A-Friend” bonus. Both players get their bonus after earning the required number of PokerPoints.

 c.) Via a participating independent partner program or an affiliate for becoming part of his network. If a player enters such a bonus code he gets attached to that network. This code can be entered along with initial registration, with the first deposit, etc.

Can a player get both “Invite A Friend” and signup bonuses?

Initially, a new player can get a signup bonus for making a first deposit. This code must be entered when signing up. Following this, any player who wishes to refer a friend can get his share of the Invite A Friend bonus as many times as he/she likes and for as many friends as he/she cares to invite to AnoPoker.

For a brand new player, however, his/her part of the “Invite A Friend” bonus counts as a sign-up bonus. This means that the referred player basically chooses to accept the Invite A Friend bonus instead of a sign-up bonus.

Please don’t forget that these bonuses are only awarded as soon as the player has earned the required number of PokerPoints within the required timeframe following the first deposit, and not before. (For the Invite A Friend and affiliate bonuses, there is no expiration date.)

  • How many PokerPoints must be earned for a bonus to be credited to your account?
  • This amount varies from bonus to bonus.
  • Is there a time period within which you must earn the required number of PokerPoints to get the bonus?
  • Yes. 30, 45 or sometimes 60 days from the time you make your first deposit for signup bonus codes.
  •  For the Invite A Friend and affiliate bonuses, there is no expiration date.
  • What happens if you exceed this time period?
  • How can a player keep track of his bonus details?

On this web site. Log in and go to My Account > Bonus. Here you can see what bonuses are succeeded, active… Here you can cancel any bonus if you like. The PokerPoints details can be under My Account >> Details.

Can a bonus be taken away?

We hold the right to cancel any bonus in case of fraud. A player can also cancel a bonus himself. Affiliate bonus codes cannot be cancelled.

Where can you enter the bonus codes?

When you log on to this website and go to My Account > Cashier > Deposit, you will find a box on the top left side which says “Bonus Code”. You can enter the bonus code here and the amount you wish to deposit in the “Amount” box. You can also fill in the bonus code field on the registration page.

Can a player get a bonus credited to his account if he gets enough raked hands?

Yes and no. Please be aware that all bonuses and promotions at AnoPoker call for POKERPOINTS and not raked hands. One raked hand does not always count for one earned PokerPoint. For example, at our lower limit tables, one raked hand might only count for 0.1 PokerPoint.

What happens if a player forgets to enter a first deposit bonus code when depositing for the first time?

The player may ask for a first deposit bonus from AnoPoker. He/she must send an email from his registered email address and this will be done manually by the AnoPoker Support Team.

Can you activate a first deposit bonus manually?

We can do this manually but only if the player send an email to us. All manual bonuses must first be approved by our Support team.

Why is the box to enter the bonus code blocked by the system for some players during their first deposit?

This is because they have already a first deposit bonus entered. This happens automatically when a promotional AnoPoker banner is clicked on to register. There is always a bonus code attached to these banners, and when you register via this banner you are automatically tracked to the player to whose account the banner is linked. This is also a first deposit bonus and that is why you don’t get to enter another bonus code.

What happens if a player invites two new players and both open up Real Money accounts and deposit money?

Then the player who made the invitation will get two Invite Friend bonuses. This means $50 twice, or a total of $100.

When a player has two Invite A Friend bonuses activated, how many PokerPoints does that player have to earn to get the bonuses credited to his account?

Only one bonus will get activated at a time. So she/he has to earn 550 PokerPoints for each bonus one after the other. The 30 day time limit does not apply here.

Do both the players have to earn their PokerPoints to get the Invite A Friend bonus credited?

The one who earns the 550 PokerPoints within the time limit (if applicable) gets the bonus.

What is the correct procedure for getting a Invite A Friend bonus?

Go to the “Invite A Friend” page on this website under the “Promotions” menu heading. Enter the correct information into the required fields and send the invitation email to your friend. When your friend receives the email, he/she must click on the “REGISTRATION” link in the mail. It will take your friend to our registration page. After the registration and first deposit the “Tell A Friend” will be activated for both.

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