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Blackjack Switch Game Guide

Maintaining the rules of traditional Blackjack, Blackjack Switch is improved with some added twists and exceptions. The dealer uses both of his hands to deal cards to the player who has the right to exchange the cards between the two hands mutually. This change allows the player to make more Blackjack hands than the traditional one. However, that reduces the ratio of the player’s natural blackjack from the normal 3:2 to just 1:1. In addition, the dealer will not be considered to go bust when holding cards totaling 22. Instead, it will affect all the players by a push but for a natural blackjack. This new version requires six or eight decks. 먹튀사이트검증 will help you get familiarised with all these new updated so that you can effectively switch your techniques and improve your game.

How to play Blackjack Switch

To be the winner of Blackjack Switch, the total of your cards in either hand must be close to 21 and must be larger than that of the dealer but not exceeding 21. The ways to count the card values and the rules are similar to the old Blackjack version, so you should know the standard one clearly before starting with this new one. Your hands will take turns to play this game – beginning with the right hand and then the left, after which the dealer’s turn begins. For this reason, both sides will receive equal size bets every turn you take.

Like conventional Blackjack, you are able to split, hit, double or take insurance in this game. There are some main rules you need to notice:

The player’s “switching” will be applied to the top cards of each hand and begin when the second cards are dealt. The player may find all ways to switch his cards between two hands until he got a blackjack or 21 depending on the regions you play this game.

The dealer will all the time hold a total of 17 with an Ace counted as 11, forcing him to make a draw.

A draw of another Ace will lead to the dealer’s blackjack.

The dealer’s blackjack means the game loss of all players except the one owning another blackjack.

Any two cards may be doubled by the player after a split and maybe re-split up to four hands.

The hand winning blackjack pays 1:1 instead of 3:2 like in standard Blackjack.

Any player who has a total of no more than 21 will be pushed by a dealer’s total of 22 except the winner of a blackjack.

You have a chance to pay more than the ruled-out ratio by winning the Super Match side bet with your initial four cards containing pairs (pays out 1:1), three-of-a-kind (pays out 5:1), two pairs (pays out 8:1), or four-of-a-kind (pays out 40:1).

Blackjack Switch strategy

It’s obvious that the Switch goal is to change a stiff hand into a blackjack through smart switching if it’s possible. Nevertheless, there are some limitations and unexpected cases that make summarizing the strategy hard to happen. Normally, all players will decide to form or preserve the best single hand regardless of the other. But don’t worry about calculations as you will be assisted by our calculator to the right! The easy work for you is to input your cards together with the dealer’s card and click the button for the result.

After the switch, the strategy slightly differs from the basic ones due to the appearance of a push by the dealer’s total of 22. Let’s look at the chart in the right column for reference.

Blackjack Switch house edge

It is noticed that the lowest house edge for all non-conventional types of Blackjack games only presents in the Switch version. The standard Blackjack offers the house edge of 0.58%. The following changes in the rules just make a small difference to the house edge but in a way beneficial to the player (note negative values are better as they imply a lower house edge):

  • Playing with eight decks: +0.02%
  • Switched blackjack counts as a blackjack instead of just 21: -0.40%
  • If Blackjack is an automatic win: -0.21%
  • If the dealer stands on a soft 17: – 0.30%

Playing Blackjack Switch online

To play online Blackjack Switch, you are urgently required to install the software from Playtech. As such, this requirement prevents Blackjack Switch appearance at other casinos where American players are accepted. Playing freely with our trial Blackjack Switch game offered by Playtech casinos will enhance your skills as well as help you to get used to this new version.

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