Bankroll Challenge – What you need to know about it?

Brokerstar is going to show you how to grind up a tiny initial bankroll or small deposit into a healthy chunk of change. Everything you’ll need to know will be here for you guys to replicate.

As you probably already know we are giving away free money on several major poker sites. The deposit you get is only small so you need a solid plan in order to build it up.

Brokerstar is making a this is how we roll bankroll building series. Be sure to check it out for a first hand demonstration of how to crush the games with your free poker bankroll

This is probably the single most important lesson in poker. Don’t worry about how you play AK suited to a raise from early position (we’ll cover that) as without good bankroll management, you’ll simply go broke sooner or later with the variance in the game.

In the rest of this article we are going to talk about the two major routes you can take in order to turn your small, free deposit into a nice pot of gold. We’ll talk about cash games vs sit and go tournaments and different bankroll strategies you can employ in each depending on how risk adverse you are.

Each of these styles differ in terms of game play, strategy needed to beat them and the swings in variance that you’ll encounter.

For many of the big online poker pros, the single table tournament (SNG) has long been the route that most used to start building their bankrolls.

We’re going to focus on heads up sit and go games. At the low stakes, there are plenty of games running all of the time and the standard of play is pretty poor. Even with a plethora of fish for you to feast on, there will still be variance in these games which is why bankroll management is vital to lessen the chances of going broke.

Good HUSNG players can maintain an ROI (return on investment) of 10% or better, especially at the lowest stakes. Brokerstar will be playing these games from scratch having to grind his way up as a new player would and will be recording a lot of his games for you to watch and learn from.

This is the beginning of a long grind but one that you’ll always feel comfortable in. You’re going to only move up in stakes when you have 50 buy ins. The chances of going on a 50 buy in down swing due to variance are pretty low so this is a solid and safe strategy. Some chances are taken through the players to increase the bankroll with real cash. The creation of the strategy should be made after following the link.  The beginners are guided about the basics for playing the card games. The stakes should be made with skills and intelligence. 

You’ll start out playing $1 SNG’s and you will not move up in stakes untill you have $100, at which point you can start grinding the $2 games. By the time you reach the $10 games you would have completed the challenge.

When you first move up in stakes, if you go on any sort of extended losing run (which most of us experience at some time or another) then you have to be prepared to move back down in stakes to re-grind your roll.

For those of you that feels comfortable in your poker skills and are respectful of variance yet not a total bankroll nit then this will be the choice for you. You’re going to play with 25 buy ins at any stake level you choose to play at.

You’ll be starting in the $2 games with you $50 and looking to make the move to the $5 games when you hit $125. But the key to good bankroll management is of course having the dicipline to move down in stakes if/ when you have to. So if your roll drops to $25 then you’ll need to be dropping down to the $1 games and grinding back up to the $50 mark.

If you’re less patient and want to take more of a risk but still stand a chance of getting to the $500 then this is the route for you. You’re going to buy in to games for 10% of your bankroll so you’ll be starting at the $5 games. if you do lose a big chunk of your roll and find yourself with $25-$30 then you’ll have to drop down in stakes to re-grind your roll. The players at all of the games under $10 buy ins are generally so bad that you still have a solid chance to complete this challenge but being able to move down in stakes is a crucial part of bankroll management and vital if you intend to survive playing poker.

Brokerstar completed the challenge only playing a few games a day for a couple of months. This could be completed much faster if you play volume but Broker just took his time. He started on the road to success on the medium risk of going busto by having 25 buyins for the $2 games.

Brokerstar had to drop down in levels once or twice after running bad but as you can see from the graph below he has made just over $450 in profit and along with his initial $50 takes him to just over the $500 goal.

If there is enough interest expressed in the forums then Broker has agreed to do a $500 – $5000 challenge where he will also make videos along the way.

Johnnie is a college student. He is doing his under-graduation in physiotherapy. He loves poker and his friends love him for his storytelling skills